Women's rights acknowledged in final draft at the Iraq Conference

Iraqi Women Network and the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation comment on the final draft of International Compact with Iraq, ICI

- Women are an important power for peace, reconstruction and democratic development in Iraq. We are contempt that women’s rights were acknowledged as a priority in the ICI final draft. However, to realize the visions and the commitments adopted at the ICI conference, women’s organisations and the rest of civil society must be actively involved in the implementation and monitoring process, says Hanaa Edwar, founder of the Iraqi Women Network, an umbrella organisation for more than 80 women’s organisations in Iraq.

- The Swedish government proved that they understand the importance of women’s participation in the reconstruction process in Iraq. We have great hopes that Sweden from now on will stress women’s rights and women’s role in the continuing ICI process, says Lena Ag Secretary General at Kvinna till Kvinna.

- We also want to take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of the Iraqi leaders to abolish article 41 in the coming review of the Iraqi constitution. Article 41 opens up for segregation, instability within families and demolish the cohesion in the Iraqi community. It also hinder gender equality and between men and women, says Hanaa Edwar.

Updated in: 2009-09-22