Anti-corruption work

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s stance on corruption is to:

  • Never accept
  • Always prevent
  • Always act
  • Always inform

Kvinna till Kvinna defines corruption as an abuse of trust, power or position that results in improper gain for a person, organization, political party, company or other. Corruption includes bribery, kickbacks, extortion, favoritism and nepotism, as well as conflicts of interests, embezzlement and fraud.

If you want to know more, read our anti-corruption policy.

File a complaint about corruption or misconduct

If you suspects dishonest conduct, kindly file a complaint using the below template. Only activities financed by Kvinna till Kvinna can be investigated.

If you have general complaints about Kvinna till Kvinna’s activities that do not include corruption or other types of irregularities, this form should not be used. Instead you can contact the person at Kvinna till Kvinna who is responsible for that area directly.

You can be anonymous and you do not have to complete all fields in the template.

The complaints are handled by Kvinna till Kvinna’s internal anti-corruption group. All complaints are treated confidentially, regardless if the complainant is anonymous or not. You can contact the anti corruption group by e-mail at, The e-mail address is protected and can only be read by a limited number of people.

Updated in: 2018-03-07