How we choose partner organisations

Kvinna till Kvinna’s selection of partner organisations is guided by the aim to promote a diverse and sustainable development of women’s rights. Thus, Kvinna till Kvinna seeks to cooperate with organisations that vary in size, areas of expertise, capacity for outreach, geographic location and thematic focus.

Kvinna till Kvinna cooperates with organisations that share our values, who are committed to create change, and who are active in conflict affected areas.

Not until Kvinna till Kvinna has established a continuous contact with a partner organization, a discussion of financial support may begin. In order to get financial support, the organisation needs to meet a number of criteria, such as being transparent regarding their finance. Kvinna till Kvinna also analyzes the organisation’s capacity to manage funds and comply with agreed funding conditions.

We support over 100 women’s rights organisations in four regions afflicted by conflict: Central and Western Africa, the Middle East, the South Caucasus and the Western Balkans.

By supporting women’s rights organisations in conflict affected areas, Kvinna till Kvinna contributes to the development of their work in promoting gender equality, human rights, and peace and security.

Updated in: 2017-03-08