Women human rights defenders

"Is it really your choice or is it what you have learned?"

Published: 2013-09-26 15:22
Lara Aharonian holding a presentation of the work of Women's Resource Center. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Karin Råghall.

Lara Aharonian is one of the founders of the Armenian women’s rights and peace organisation Women’s Resource Center. The organisation runs a centre for young women in Yerevan and works for women’s participation in the peace process for the conflict region of Nagorno-Karabach.

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"Girls don't finish their studies because of sexual harassment from teachers"

Published: 2013-05-18 12:10
Elizee Mwele Ngongo, CEDEJ, The Democratic Republic of Congo. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Malin Ekerstedt.

Elizee Mwele Ngongo from The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s partner organisation CEDEJ, Cercle d’Échange pour le Développement des Jeunes, in The Democratic Republic of Congo, works against sexual harassment in schools – a common reason for girls dropping out and thereby not getting an education. “I will not rest until girls finish their studies” she says.

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"A woman’s role in Armenia is primarily housekeeping"

Published: 2013-04-20 11:58
Anna Nikoghosyan. Photo: The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation/Julia Lapitskii.

Anna Nikoghosyan is Programme Director for The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s partner organisation Society Without Violence in Armenia. Kvinna till Kvinna’s Julia Lapitskii met up with her in the organisation’s office in Yerevan, to talk about women’s situation in the country and her personal story of activism.

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