Terms of Reference: Facilitator to Theory of Change workshop 17 January in Stockholm

2017-12-21 13:11


Kvinna till Kvinna works with support to women’s agency and protection in areas effected by war and conflict. Programmes and projects are about peacebuilding, violence against women, women’s participation in political processes, and advocacy for women’s rights. Kvinna till Kvinna partners with women’s rights organizations in four regions and works on opinion and advocacy in Sweden and internationally.

Early 2018, a team at Kvinna till Kvinna develops a focus and framework for an application to Sida Civsam. The application will cover a five-year programme and include all four regions. The current programme covers three regions and was evaluated during the fall of 2017. While the current vision is to continue the current path, it also includes new ambitions and relevant adaptions to contextual developments and trends as well as learnings and results-analysis.


  • facilitation of one-day workshop in English, using ToC as a tool to capture change and resulting in a draft programme ToC and a broad results-framework
  • workshop report

The assignment: requires preparation of workshop of approximately 13 participants (mainly thematic advisors and grants managers), facilitation of workshop and summarizing report after workshop. To be able to prepare for the workshop, it will likely be useful to go over background material such as the current programme document, the evaluation report and have a preparatory meeting with some staff to understand the expectations and emerging focus for the programme.

As for skills, the assignment requires previous experience from facilitation, ToC, and programming in relevant field.

Process: The outcome from the workshop will feed into an instruction for regions and countries to do contextual analysis and develop their parts of the programme during March and April. It will include staff and potentially partner organisations. The process is in this sense top-down. Even so, workshop participants will contribute with some practice and contextual experience.

Timeframe: The assignment is to be carried out 17th January. Deadline for workshop report is 22 January.

Interest: Please send CV and letter stating interest, price and suggestions on how to go about the assignment to contact below by January 8th 2018.


For any questions, please contact Petra Strader (Methods and Development Manager), email: petra.zather.strader@kvinnatillkvinna.se