The occupation through the eyes of Hedaya

Published: 2017-06-15 14:46
Hedaya Shamun from the Gaza strip shares her experience of living under Israeli occupation. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Anna-Carin Hall

50 years since the Six-Day War, the Israeli occupation of Palestine continues. The impact of the occupation is devastating, for women not the least. Hedaya Shamun, at the Women’s Affairs Centre in the Gaza strip, shares her thoughts about the situation she and many other women endure.

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Kvinna till Kvinna in Tunisia!

Published: 2017-02-27 13:57
Jenni Wisung (left) works with Tunisia. Here with Safa Salim at our office in Jordan. Photo: Christopher Herwig

Great news! We are now working with women’s organisations in Tunisia. “This is a great possibility to support the Tunisian women’s movement in the ongoing democratization process”, says Jenni Wisung, our Field Representative for Middle East and North Africa.

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"The center is my second home”

Published: 2017-02-16 17:04
The possibility to get a job increases with an education. Here, women who have fled Syria attend a course in computing held by our partner organisation Women Now in Lebanon. Photo: Christopher Herwig

English, computing, health care and – driving! These are a few of the education programs Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisation Women Now for Development in Lebanon arranges. “The center has become like a second home for me”, says Faten from Syria.

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Refugee women support each other

Published: 2017-01-25 13:56
Hind educates women who have fled from Syria about their rights and possibilities in the Lebanon. Photo: Christopher Herwig

Leila from Syria has been through a lot. She was married off as a child, has lived through war, and suffered from mental fatigue. But, with support from Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisation Kafa, she has regained her joy of living. Now, she is offering …

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Marriage – a way out of prison

Published: 2016-12-20 15:05
In Jordan, there are few shelters for female victims of violence. For women who have been threatened with 'honour' crimes, there is often nowhere to go. Many end up in protective custody, like Aseel, who spent months in prison after suffering abuse by her family. Photo: Christopher Herwig

Aseel was 14 the first time she married. Looking back now she says she wants to forget everything: the neglect, the violent abuse and, most of all, the long months in prison as a protective custody inmate.

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Nadira fights for equal citizenships

Published: 2016-11-30 13:53
Nadira Nahhas is committed to women in Lebanon having the same rights as men. Photo: Christopher Herwig

“My children are treated as foreigners, even though they were born here. It makes me so angry! They should have the same rights as everyone else.” This says Nadira Nahhas, from Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisation CRTD.A in Lebanon.

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Prestigious award to Kvinna till Kvinna

Published: 2016-11-28 15:25
Happy staff members (from left) Nadja Dolata, Planning manager, Ida Svedlund, Communication officer, and Charina Hallberg, Head of HR and Finance.

Kvinna till Kvinna’s Annual report has been awarded “Best Annual Report 2015 within the Non-profit sector in Sweden” by the international audit firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers International).

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A feminist win-win forum

Published: 2016-11-15 14:38
Almost 2 000 women human rights activists gathered at the AWID forum in Salvador, Brazil. Photo: Gender and Development Network.

Earlier this fall, Anna Arutshyan from The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s Armenian partner organisation Society Without Violence attended the big international AWID forum for women human rights defenders. Here is her personal telling of a once in a lifetime experience – one which affected her deeply.

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Taking Macedonia a step closer to gender-equality

Published: 2016-11-09 19:35
Kvinna till Kvinna's Macedonian partner organisations National Network to End Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence and Reactor, Research in Action during a visit to Stockholm, Sweden. From the left: Zurija Sait, Sanela Shkrijelj, Marija Bashevska, Elena Ravnjanski and Kvinna till Kvinna's Stina Magnuson Buur. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Anna-Carin Hall.

The women’s movement in Macedonia is fighting an uphill battle. However, thanks to the support from The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, one of our partner organisations has succeeded in taking crucial steps towards putting women’s rights issues on the political agenda.

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