A feminist win-win forum

Published: 2016-11-15 14:38
Almost 2 000 women human rights activists gathered at the AWID forum in Salvador, Brazil. Photo: Gender and Development Network.

Earlier this fall, Anna Arutshyan from The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation’s Armenian partner organisation Society Without Violence attended the big international AWID forum for women human rights defenders. Here is her personal telling of a once in a lifetime experience – one which affected her deeply.

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Taking Macedonia a step closer to gender-equality

Published: 2016-11-09 19:35
Kvinna till Kvinna's Macedonian partner organisations National Network to End Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence and Reactor, Research in Action during a visit to Stockholm, Sweden. From the left: Zurija Sait, Sanela Shkrijelj, Marija Bashevska, Elena Ravnjanski and Kvinna till Kvinna's Stina Magnuson Buur. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Anna-Carin Hall.

The women’s movement in Macedonia is fighting an uphill battle. However, thanks to the support from The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, one of our partner organisations has succeeded in taking crucial steps towards putting women’s rights issues on the political agenda.

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"The center offers a a glimmer of hope"

Published: 2016-11-07 14:04
Elham is one of many women who has received help from Kvinna till Kvinna's partner organisation Jordanian Women´s Union. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Nada Qaddoura

Fourteen-year-old Elham, a refugee in Jordan, married an eighteen-year-old compatriot from Syria. After being abused repeatedly, she moved back to her family. Today she gets help and support from Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisation JWU.

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Agenda 2030 gives tailwind to women’s rights

Published: 2016-11-02 08:38
Gender equality and peaceful societies are two of the goals of Agenda 2030, that Kvinna till Kvinna’s Anna-Carin Hall and Karolina Sturén like to highlight. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Linn Hultqvist

Gender equality is one of the goals of Agenda 2030, which has been adopted by all countries. “Agenda 2030 is definitely a big step forward in the work for women’s rights,” says Disa Kammars Larsson from The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.

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Fighting for Kosovo war rape victims: "Women never prioritized"

Published: 2016-10-18 09:58
Veprore Shehu, Executive Director of Kvinna till Kvinna's partner organisation Medica Kosova, continues to work for justice for survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Emma Janke

In March 2014, there was great relief among survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo. After many years of struggle, they finally had received the same rights to compensation as war veterans. Two years later, however, there still has not been a single payout. Women’s organisations hope that a new report will help to put pressure on the politicians.

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“Now I want to become a village leader”

Published: 2016-10-10 10:57
Nalbandyan Women´s Club

The women in Armenian village Nalbandyan meet in a garage that serves not only as a meeting place – but also as a platform where they learn about their human rights, and make strategies to influence their society.

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Inequality costs Africa billions

Published: 2016-09-30 08:24
In many African societies women are being held back by patriarchal norms. This blocks the way for economic development. Photo: Cato Lein.

If sub-Saharan countries had gender equal societies, the African continent would earn 800 billions more a year. This according to a recent report by the UN Development Program (UNDP). Destructive norms and discrimination are the root causes.

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Policeman called on hooligans to fight women's rights defenders

Published: 2016-09-12 17:19
In Serbia, it is getting increasingly more dangerous to campaign and work for women human rights. Photo: Women in Black/Biljana Rakocevich

A spokesperson for the Serbian Anti-Terrorist Unit called on football hooligans to unite and fight women who work for peace. Now, he is being tried in court. Women’s rights defenders demand that the Serbian government stand up for those working for human rights.

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Less violence with changed male gender roles

Published: 2016-09-06 16:45
Christian Sango from CEDEJ-GL, an organisation that uses theatre as a method to promote discussions on violent masculinity. Photo: Cato Lein.

In conflict-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, violence is an ongoing part of everyday life. However, for women, domestic violence is a greater threat than the weapons of rebel groups. Working with positive masculinity is paving the way for change.

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