The volunteer group in Linköping was founded in September 2015. The group has monthly  meetings (Sundays), and on these occasions volunteers can participate in trainings, workshops and discussions on women’s rights, peace and security.

The purpose of the group is to spread information about the work of Kvinna to Kvinna at a local level in Linköping. The group’s activities include organising events with seminars, celebrating the International Women’s Day on 8 March, cooperating with the Human Right’s Network in Linköping and by participating in races for the benefit of Kvinna till Kvinna.

Events calendar for the Linköping group.

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Meet the volunteer Leymuun Farah!

Why did you become a volunteer for Kvinna till Kvinna?

Leymuun Farah

Leymuun Farah

I’ve always had a special interest for women’s rights and conflict issues. So, when studying International relations at university I felt that I wanted to become more actively involved in a non-profit organisation that shared my way of thinking.

The fact that Kvinna till Kvinna’s work is built on long-term partnerships with their partner organisations and that they have local staff exploring their own projects and ideas are the main reasons that I have been a volunteer for Kvinna till Kvinna for so long.

What has been the most fun to do as a volunteer?

I’ve held lectures about Kvinna till Kvinna and issues that I’m passionate about, and participated in different seminars and events. But the national volunteer meetings, where participants from all local groups meet, have been the most fun.

What’s the best thing with your volunteer group?

The best thing about our group is that it’s fairly new! I’ve been given the opportunity to take part in shaping the group, and gotten to know great people. If you live in Linköping and are curious about the work of Kvinna till Kvinna, come join us!

Updated in: 2016-07-05