The volunteer group in Malmö/Lund was founded already in 2010. The group has monthly volunteer meetings (evenings), and on these occasions volunteers are offered trainings, workshops and discussions on women’s rights, peace and security.

The volunteer group in Malmö/Lund participates in university fairs, Pride-parades, Feministisk Festival and much more, as a way to draw attention to the issues Kvinna till Kvinna works with.

Events calendar for the Malmö/Lund group.

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Meet the volunteer William Ek Uvelius!

William Ek Uvelius

William Ek Uvelius

What made you decide to become a volunteer?

It’s difficult to find one single thing that made me want to become a volunteer, but I have been following the work of Kvinna till Kvinna for a long time and I felt that I wanted to contribute somehow. I want to help spread such an important work

What’s your best memory from your time as a Kvinna till Kvinna-volunteer!

It must have been the LundaPride last year, the atmosphere was so inspiring with a lot of sun and dance. A great crowd of people from different places met up for a good cause.

What’s the best thing about your volunteer group?

The discussions, no doubt about it! You never leave a meeting without a big smile on your lips, something to reflect on or having learnt something new, and often it’s all of the above.

Updated in: 2016-07-05