The volunteer group in Stockholm meets once a month (evening-time) for activities including trainings, workshops and discussions on women’s rights, peace and security. The volunteer group regularly facilitates Kvinna till Kvinna’s role-play “Fred för alla” (“Peace for all”) in schools across Stockholm, and organises events to raise awareness about Kvinna till Kvinna and raise money to the benefit of our work.

The group also takes part in activities like meetings and discussion groups together with women and young women who are newly arrived in Sweden.

Events calendar for the Stockholm group.

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Meet the Stockholm volunteer Miriam Refai!

Miriam Refai

Why did you become a volunteer for Kvinna till Kvinna?

I had followed the work of Kvinna till Kvinna for a long time and I was curious about the organisation and wanted to know more. I figured becoming a volunteer would be a good way to use the knowledge I already had but also to learn more.

What’s the best thing about your volunteer group?

All the people I get to meet! I’ve learnt so much from the other volunteers and it’s so much fun to have discussions and inspire each other. We support one another, one is always so happy after a meeting. It’s also so much fun to meet young people and talk about peace and equality with them, the students we meet are so wise.

How does your volunteer work support the fight for women’s rights?

I fight for women’s rights by informing about and discussing the vulnerable situation of women in conflict affected regions. For there to be a change, it is important to bring up the subject and raise awareness. The more people who demand change, the more chance there is of acheiving it. We volunteers also participate in manifestations such as on March 8th and Pride, and we arrange events and fundraise for the benefit of Kvinna till Kvinna.

The best part of being a volunteer for Kvinna till Kvinna is that you learn so much from the other volunteers and the discussions we have during our meetings. There is also so much material available, like films and books, that you continuosly can expand your knowledge.


Sign up for the Office group

The Office group helps out with tasks for Kvinna till Kvinna’s headquarter in Stockholm. For example they pack Christmas gifts purchased from Kvinna till Kvinna or lend a hand in the preparations for large campaigns.

As part of the Office group you continously receive information about the current focus of Kvinna till Kvinna and our fundraising and campaign activities. You accept a task by answering yes to the suggestion we send out to you when our Fundraising unit needs help with sending out circulars, producing items to sell, packaging and posting etcetera.

Do you want to volunteer in the Office group? Contact our volunteer coordinator.

Updated in: 2016-08-19