The volunteer group in Umeå was founded in the fall of 2014. The group organises monthly meetings (Sundays), and on these occasions volunteers can participate in trainings, workshops and discussions on women’s rights, peace and security.

Each year the volunteer group in Umeå, together with other local organisations, organises a theme week and events in connection with the International Women’s Day (8 March). The volunteer group in Umeå also visits schools in Umeå with the role-playing game Peace for all.

Events calendar for the Umeå group.

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Meet the volunteer My Bergqvist!

My Bergqvist

When did you first hear about Kvinna till Kvinna?

I first came in contact with Kvinna till Kvinna during my peace and conflict studies. I started following Kvinna till Kvinna on Facebook and found out about the volunteer group in Umeå that way.

Tell us about some of the activities you’ve taken part in as Kvinna till Kvinna-volunteer.

I participated in presenting Kvinna till Kvinna and its work at a seminar with Umeå Association of International Affairs. I also participated in the manifestation “Not your woman” together with (Men for equality and a private initiator. For that manifestation I was also given the opportunity to write and deliver a speech based on Kvinna till Kvinna’s report Patriotism and Patriarchy.

What’s the best thing with your volunteer group?

All the other fantastic and committed volunteers!

Updated in: 2016-07-05